Al Madina Quran Academy is a complete place of learning online Quran education with well-qualified tutors. Al Madina Quran Academy is a best learning Quran online platform for those who don't have a facility to learn quran online USA near their city but they are willing to Learn Quran Online usa with their heart and soul. Al Madina Quran Academy provides easy to learn Quran education at an affordable price. We charge the cheapest and lowest fee for every country or state of students. The reason to charge the cheapest fee to anyone is to reach the knowledge of Islam and the Quran all over the world. 

Basic Teaching Of Islam

Allah has given us the best and peaceful religion which is Islam where we can do anything freely according to the teaching of Islam. With this peaceful religion, Allah also has given us a helpful and beneficial holy book which is Quran that is must necessary for every Muslim to learn and understand. But unfortunately, there are not so many online Quran academies found especially in foreign countries who can learn the basics of holy Quran properly with tajweed and basics of Islam. That's why Al Madina Quran Academy has specially organized for foreign countries who are seeking for knowledgeable and qualified Online Quran Tutors who could convey the message and guidelines of the holy Quran with his/her teaching. The one who can teach them about the basics of Islam very well. 

Special Islamic Course for Kidslearn quran online usa

We have also designed a basic Islamic course for kids where they can get knowledge about Islam and its rules. Here they can learn how to offer Namaz, masnoon duaen, six kalmats and other essential things about Islam that they need to learn with our online Quran academy.

Our mission

Our mission is to give online quran education in a proper manner and way for every muslim. Our male/female tutors give teaching about holy quran in a great voicing along with correct tajweed. We use practical methods and ways to learn online quran to our students so that they could learn the meaning of holy Quran as well. We offer the online quran teaching from kids to adults in the same method of teaching. To learn Quran online USA we welcome every group of people even olders too who are too old and can't go at the online quran academy with anyone. 

3 Days Free Trial Classes

We give the best opportunity for every new student to take a 3 days free trial online classes with our well-experienced teachers so that they can judge our learning process as well as the environment too. As compared to other online Quran academies you will found this academy more convenient and efficient in learning. We teach our students via Skype and all classes are held under the supervision of our well qualified and well-experienced tutors. To join our online Quran classes you will simply need a pc and fast internet access. We have arranged online Quran classes separately for kids too so that they could learn the holy Quran with their friends in a convenient environment. Even your family members can learn the holy Quran in a single class. Our online Quran academy is for everyone, especially for youngsters and kids.